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The Springdale / Zion Canyon Shuttle System

The Springdale / Zion Canyon Shuttle System

During popular times of the year, the canyon's shuttle system greatly reduces the hassles of parking in the park. Plan ahead and keep in mind that you're likely on vacation. Remember that part of the area's charm is its careful civic planning and limited development. Enjoy every moment of your journey. Be polite to your fellow travelers and the folks that call this place home.

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Be sure to have plenty of water with you on your hike


Honestly. If you're not carrying too much water, you have too little. You're free to use the spigot on the exterior south side of our building. When there's a line and you're filling up multiple large containers for a small army of land rovers, pay it forward and consider letting others with just a bottle or two go ahead of you.

Angel's Landing Hike - Zion National Park

Angel's Landing

This hike is a doozy and it's on a lot of peoples' bucket lists. So much so that you will need a permit to do one of the world's most popular footslogs. As of this writing, it costs $6 to apply for a permit and permits are awarded on a lottery basis. If you draw a permit, each member in your party will pay an additional $3 to hike Angel's.

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Hiking Zion - Gateway to the Narrows

Gateway To The Narrows

Also known as the Riverside Walk, this hike is great because of its splendor as well as its accessibility. Take a shuttle to the "Temple of Sinawava" Stop and head towards the restrooms where you will find the trailhead. From there, you'll meander a little over two miles to where the improved walkway/trail ends and there is literally a series of steps that guide one into the Virgin River. Here is more information about the hike.

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Weeping Rock hike - Zion National Park

Weeping Rock Hike

Following the short shuttle ride to Weeping Rock, Stop 7 – you will be on one the most family-friendly hikes in Zion National Park. It only takes around 30 minutes for a round trip, but you're in no hurry; so take it slow and easy. Be aware that you may get a little wet due to the water flow or wind. If you're lucky or time the weather right, large volumes of water could be dashing down in turbulent curtains from the canyons above.

Weeping Rock Hike
The Subway hike in Zion National Park

The Subway Hike

Hiking The Subway is simply amazing. And, you have to be in good shape as this endeavor can be classified as canyoneering. This means that you will get wet and some advanced scrambling or basic rappelling skills are useful. Obtaining a permit to hike The Subway is mandatory. Grab your calendar and plan this excursion well in advance. Here is where you start the process.

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Springdale's best pizza, pasta, and beer

Dining At Zion Pizza & Noodle

After a long day outside, you and your group is going to be hungry. Very hungry. The best restaurant in town is Zion Pizza & Noodle. The menu has plenty of choices for omnivores, vegetarians, and kids. In addition to great food, there's also a beer garden on-site featuring brews and wine from all over the planet.

Zion Pizza & Noodle