Our Gear

Adventure awaits.

The Gear You Need For Every Season

Over the years, we've learned to stock a wide range of carfully selected apparrel and equipment based on the needs of our customers. That means when temperatures are high in the summer, you can pick up a light-weight UPF rated hoody, or additional water storage. During the colder months – warm clothing such as gloves and pile fleece will be available.
Zion Outdoors truly strives to make your time spent in our neck-of-the-woods memorable and enjoyable.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen and Lip Balm. Hats. Sunglasses. SPF-Rated Clothing.

Camping Gear

Tents. Sleeping Bags. Stoves and Fuel. Cooking Gear. Lighting. Camp Chairs.


Hiking Shoes and Boots. Socks. Sandals and Flip Flops. Trail Running Shoes.

Climbing Gear

Ropes. Carabiners. Climbing Protection. Helmets. Shoes. Harnesses. Belay Devices.


Water Bottles. Hydration Packs. Replacement Bladders. Water Purification Systems.


Shirts. Pants and Shorts. Base Layers. Rain Gear. Jackets and Coats. Gloves, Buffs and Beanies.

Carrying and Storage

Backpacks. Daypacks. Hip Packs. Duffel Bags. Sling Bags. Dry Bags.


Hats. Jackets. Apparel. Shoes. Daypacks. Water Bottles. Hydration Packs.

Other Essentials

Snacks. Trekking Poles. First Aid Kits. Multi-Tools. Navigation Tools.